Carb/Nitro Lid (Universal Fit)

Carb/Nitro Lid (Universal Fit)
SKU: 15D04-100


Quickly and easily carbonate or nitrogenate product in about 24 hours.
Our lid works with just about every product tank on the market and in
made of only top quality components from leading manufacturers.

Designed to work with: 2.5, 3, 5 gallon product tanks

Simply charge one tank, then replace lid with original lid and charge
the next tank or buy multiple lids to charge as many tanks as desired.

    • A.E.B. lid with gas ball-lock plug for charging
    • .5 micron rated diffuser stone with a built-in back check valve
    • 2’ NSF rated Clearbraid® tubing from Accuflex tubing
    • John Guest Superseal® barbed fitting
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